This spring semester 2016 I have the pleasure of teaching a basic cooking class.  The students will learn how to hold a knife, cut, chop, slice and dice. They will be cooking the five Mother Sauces Bechamel, Veloute, Espagnole, Hollindaise and Tomato.  We will cook one or two dishes with each sauce to understand how you can modify the basic sauce to accommodate taste and other added ingredients.  When we work on the tomato sauce we will also learn to make dough and create pizzas.

What is a meal without dessert? So we will make simple chocolate chip cookies and then split the group into teams the following day to make the recipes their own and of course have a tasting contest!

To finish up we will make a pie crust, apple pie and basic cheese cake.  If time allows we will add stuff along the way.  The students will be writing about their experiences throughout the semester.  Looks like we have a great group of chefs and I look forward to learning and eating with them.

Bon Appetite